If the new 10-year Forest Management Plan is implemented an area of forest equivalent in size to 10,000 Subiaco football ovals could be logged every year for 10 years!

Over 80% of the wood from our forests ends up as firewood, charcoal, woodchips and railway sleepers.

Our forests are worth more as habitat for wildlife, carbon stores and community heritage.









600-year-old karri giants are sold to overseas wood-chipping companies for $35 a tonne.














Jarrah trees 400 years old and older are being sold as firewood for just $9 a tonne.










There are alternatives. Let’s create a bright future for people and the environment. Please Act Now.

400 year old jarrah tress are being sols as firewood for $9 a tonne Platation seedling the way of the future Robert Frith


Images T-B: Neil Bartholomeaus, Jess Beckerling (graphs), Jessica Chapman, WA Forest Alliance, Robert Frith.