Proposed Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 released Fri 05 July 2013
The proposed 10-year Forest Management Plan was released in July following approval by the EPA. It would allow a massive increase in logging of our precious south-west forests.
Auditor General’s report confirms mismanagement Thu 27 June 2013
In June 2013 the Auditor General released a report into the supply and sale of native forest products. The report confirms that our forests are being mismanaged and that waste and breaches of environmental protection regulations are being overlooked by the Government’s logging agency, the Forest Products Commission. 
200ha in Helms forest saved! Thu 06 June 2013
Forest activists have saved over 200 hectares of old growth jarrah forest near Nannup from logging. The Forest Products Commission planned to log 490ha of the jarrah and marri forest in Helms forest, a crucial cockatoo refuge, in August 2012.
Burning Forests for Power - The Threat to WA's Forests Thu 02 August 2012
A new form of madness: burning our south-west forests to generate electricity Western Australia’s unique and irreplaceable south-west forests are facing a new and potentially devastating threat- the Barnett government is making plans to burn huge quantities of wood from our native forests to generate electricity.
Numbats on the brink Sat 25 February 2012
Numbats are our State mammal emblem and only 1000 of them remain in the wild. Something is seriously wrong with wildlife protection in Western Australia. Our laws completely fail our most vulnerable creatures.
Logging starts in Warrup Mon 23 January 2012
The Forest Products Commission has started logging Warrup forest today (23rd Jan 2012). Warrup forest near Bridgetown is a critical refuge for cockatoos and other native fauna including numbats and woylies.
Logging starts in Meribup Sun 02 October 2011
Meribup forest, east of Manjimup, is now being logged (October 2011) The majority of the wood will end up as firewood, railway sleepers and charcoal.
DEC proposes an increase in karri logging Tue 02 August 2011
The proposed amendment to the Forest Management Plan 2004-2013 (FMP) to increase the allowable cut of karri other bole volume (KOBV) from 117,000 m3 to 170,000 m3a year should be rejected for the following reasons.
Quokka Habitat Clearfelled MAY 2011 Mon 02 May 2011
Even though the department was aware that Crowea forest near Pemberton was home to a colony of endangered Quokkas, they approved clearfelling there this month (May 2011).