November 2014



Logging Schedule

Indicative logging maps for 2013


Proposed Forest Management Plan (FMP) 2014-2024

  • Dowload the proposed plan here.
  • Download the Environmental Protection Authorities report and recommendations here.
  • Download the WA Forest Alliance appeal against the proposed FMP which outlines grounds for concern and outcomes sought here.
  • Download the WA Forest Alliance submission on the draft FMP here.


 What happens to the wood from our forests?



We provide accurate and revealing information about the Department of Environment and Conservation's prescribed burning practice. You can find out information regarding what was planned and what happened during particular prescibed burns here.


Forests and climate change

  • Published by The Australia Institute, Carbon Credits from Western Australia’s Multiple Use Public Native Forests details the significant earnings that could be generated by protecting WA's south-west forests as carbon stores.Native forest logging has become financially unviable. Protecting the south-west forests would be highly profitable for the State. Depending on the carbon price, WA stands to earn between $16 million and $438 million in revenue from the sale of carbon credits.
  • How does protecting forests combat climate change? - Download the pdf here.


Threatened species

 *  Summary of known impacts of current logging practices on threatened fauna species in the karri forests. Download pdf here


Real Forest News Archive

The real forest news - September 2011.



Comprehensive analysis of forest issues and how forest protection benefits us all - DOCX (23 MB)