Loggers routinely destroy nesting hollows - for $13.45 per tonne

Native forest logging is destroying rare nesting hollows that take hundreds of years to form and the State is receiving as little as $13.45 per tonne for the wood.

“Cockatoos are in crisis" WA Forest Alliance spokesperson Jess Beckerling said, "their numbers are steadily declining and we are going to see their extinction in our lifetimes unless State Government policy is urgently changed to protect their remaining habitat.

“The Environment Minister and Premier are doing nothing while the Government’s logging agency is knowingly destroying rare nesting hollows. The fact that they’re only getting $13 per tonne makes this completely senseless,” said Ms Beckerling

Right now, black cockatoos are still nesting and chicks that have not yet learnt to fly are still in their hollows, putting them at the greatest risk of death or permanent injury if their nest trees are cut down in logging operations.

Community inspections in Warrup and Arcadia forests where intensive logging is occurring have revealed that even the State Government’s minimal requirements for wildlife habitat protection are being flouted by the Government’s logging agency.

Ms Beckerling said, “Community groups have been conducting time consuming and costly inspections and finding that nesting hollows are routinely not being protected in the logging coupes. This has been reported to DEC and the Conservation Commission who are doing nothing to repair the situation.

“It is devastating to walk through these beautiful forests and see the cockatoos in the canopy and their nesting trees being destroyed. We are continuing to appeal to the Premier and the Environment Minister to urgently protect their remaining habitat.

“It is time to stop logging our native forests. Our wildlife relies on them for their survival,” concluded Ms Beckerling.

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