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Cockatoos in Crisis

Stop logging their forest homes!


The south-west’s Black Cockatoos are in free fall. We must act now to protect them by stopping the logging of the karri and jarrah forests where they live, breed and feed.

The science is very clear: the loss of habitat is the major threat to their survival.

Now, the State Government’s logging agency, the Forest Products Commission, has plans to log Helms forest – the jewel in the crown of cockatoo habitat. Helms forest, near Nannup, is an oasis of high quality cockatoo nesting and feeding forest in a region that has been extensively logged and burned in recent years. It is also the release site for birds from the neighbouring cockatoo rehabilitation centre.

Please sign the petition calling for Helms, and all other Black Cockatoo forest habitat including Mowen and Challar forests to be immediately protected.

The State Government plans to log 2000 square kilometres of karri and jarrah forests over the next 10 years. Logging native forests destroys habitat for threatened species. It also costs us money. The industry is no longer financially viable and has to be subsidised by the State Government with our taxes to stay afloat. So we are actually paying to have our forests logged.

Shocking plans to start burning native forest logs to generate energy are being made by this increasingly desperate and out-dated industry. The win-win solution is for the Government to complete the transition to a sustainable plantation and farm forestry industry that already provides the majority of WA’s wood, and employs far greater numbers of people.

Please sign the petition for the Black Cockatoos and the forests, and then ask your family and friends to sign too.

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Dear Premier Barnett, Minister Jacob and Minister Davies,

The situation for our south-west Black Cockatoos is critical. I am deeply concerned about the fate of the Red-tailed, Baudin’s and Carnaby’s Cockatoos and ask that you take immediate action to protect the south-west native forests where these magnificent birds live, breed and feed.

Native forests provide vital breeding and feeding habitat for all three species of Black Cockatoo as well as other species unique to Western Australia. Nesting hollows for cockatoos have been significantly depleted and take a very long time to develop. When a karri forest is clearfelled it is replanted only with karri seedlings and then clearfelled again in 80 – 100 years time, meaning that new hollows will never be given a chance to develop. In the jarrah forests, logging directly destroys habitat and also spreads Phytophthora cinnamomi dieback.

The native forest logging industry is highly destructive and unsustainable. Decades of overcutting and mismanagement have degraded the forests. Now, the industry employs fewer than 1000 people and is no longer profitable. It has to be supported with our taxes. This is an absurd situation.

I am calling on the Barnett Government to act on the 2013 Scientists’ Statement on Protection of Western Australia’s South West Forests and protect the south-west’s Black Cockatoos by immediately protecting their forest habitat.

Yours sincerely,


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