Challar Forest Stop Work Action, 2 December 2013

Dylan Lehmann, a young man from Fremantle, is reclining in a suspended bathtub 8 metres above the forest floor in Challar forest. The bathtub is secured to two logging machines and preventing all logging in this high salt risk catchment of WA's cleanest river.

Dylan said, "We have seen Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, Carnaby's Cockatoos, Brush-tailed Phascogales and Mainland Quokkas in this area - all threatened species, and all relying on this forest habitat for their survival. "The Barnett Government is subsidising this destruction with tax payers money. It's a ridiculous situation that is costing us money, forests, our wildlife and now risking the Deep River and the Walpole Wilderness Area," he said.

Dylan understands that he is likely to spend many hours perched in the suspended bath and then face arrest. He is deeply concerned that government agencies are ignoring the science, and the community, and have become complicit in the destruction of threatened species habitat.