Another decade of debt and destruction?

15th November 2013

Environment Minister due to sign off on another decade of debt and destruction  

The Forest Products Commission has reported a $20.7 million pre-tax loss on its native forest logging operations for 2012 - 2013 (see p 124 of FPC's Annual Report 2012 - 2013 available here

"Logging our native forests cost the State more than $20 million last year," said WAFA convener Jess Beckerling.

“The State Environment Minister is expected to sign off another decade of this costly destruction of our native forests any day now. 

"How many teachers and education assistants could we have kept employed if we weren't wasting tax-payers’ money destroying our magnificent karri and jarrah forests?

"Carnaby's cockatoos are heading for extinction.  The latest figures from Birdlife Australia make it very clear that action needs to be taken immediately if we're going to save these birds.

“Instead, their nesting hollows and food supplies are being destroyed right now, during the breeding season in the south-west forests and it’s happening at our expense.
"How is it possible that the Premier is allowing our highly valued native forests to continue to be logged when the process is actually costing us millions and millions of dollars?”

The Auditor General has just found that Minister Redman's refusal to table in parliament contracts for the sale of native forest logs was not 'reasonable or appropriate'.

“This is yet another example of the community being treated with contempt when it comes to native forest logging. The Forestry Minister and the Forest Products Commission need to be held to account.

"The Premier needs to explain to Western Australians how it is that we are paying big money to see our forests destroyed. 

"Enough is enough. It is time to protect our native forests in the environmental, economic and social interests of WA," said Ms Beckerling.

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