What's happening in our forests?Warren NP. Simon Neville

We can be proud of the forest protection we achieved in 2001. Since then however, continued logging, climate change and forest diseases have combined to have profound impacts on forest health and wildlife.

Our karri and jarrah forests are still being logged despite the industry continually running at a loss to the State. As taxpayers we are paying to see our forests destroyed. Read more


More than 80% of the wood from our forests ends up as firewood, woodchips, charcoal and railway sleepers. Read more


Sadly, many species are threatened with extinction and their remaining refuges continue to be logged and destroyed. With our forests and forest wildlife facing so many threats, we have a responsibility to do all we can to protect them and leave a legacy we can be proud of. Read more


A new threat facing our forests. Can you imagine boiling your kettle or charging your phone using electricity produced by burning ancient trees? Read more


 Native forest logging has become financially unviable. Forest protection offers Western Australia millions of dollars every year through the sale of carbon credits. Read more

Image: Simon Neville.