The Barnett Government has sold out on WA’s unique plants and animals

The Government's Biodiversity Conservation Bill will not protect our precious wildlife. This planned legislation reveals the Barnett government's contempt for environmental values, and our state's precious much loved wildlife.

There is no provision requiring the Minister to consider scientific evidence in making what are, in effect, life or death decisions for endangered species such as Carnaby's cockatoo and the numbat.

This Government consistently ignores scientific advice and continues to allow the destruction of nesting hollows for the endangered black cockatoos and of critical numbat habitat in State controlled logging operations.

The survival of some of the most vulnerable ecosystems in the world is dangerously compromised.

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Photo by Simon Neville

WAFA EVENT - Act4Nature: What should be done to protect our wildlife?

23 MAY 2016 5:30PM - Hosted by WAFA

Act4Nature: What should be done to protect our wildlife?

Panel discussion to examine the WA government's environmental agenda as it relates to wildlife protection and biodiversity conservation.

State Library of Western Australia - 25 Francis Street, Perth, Australia 6000

WA Forest Alliance invites community members, conservation groups, and all Members of Parliament to an expert panel discussion about the future of our wildlife. We want to place wildlife conservation on the state election agenda!

Karri Forest Logging Threatens Wildlife

FSC, remove your green tick from karri forest clear-fells!

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